At Codsall & Wergs, we offer a wide selection of houseplants to suit every style and space. Houseplants are an excellent way to bring the beauty of nature into your home, purify the air, and promote relaxation and well-being. And the best thing? Our houseplants are closer than you think! Our garden centre is only a short drive from the following locations:

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Types of houseplants

Here are some of the types of houseplants you can find at our garden centre:

  • Large foliage houseplants, such as Monstera, Fiddle Leaf Fig, and Rubber Plant, which add a touch of drama and tropical flair to any room.
  • Small houseplants, such as Pothos, Snake Plant, and Spider Plant, which are easy to care for and ideal for beginners.
  • Blooming houseplants, such as Orchids, Peace Lilies, and African Violets, which add a pop of colour and fragrance to your space.
  • Easy houseplants, such as ZZ Plant, Chinese Evergreen, and Cast Iron Plant, which require minimal care and are perfect for busy people.
  • Houseplants for shade, such as Ferns, Calathea, and Maidenhair Fern, which thrive in low-light conditions.
  • Houseplants for the sun, such as Succulents, Cacti, and Aloe Vera, which love bright light and can add a desert vibe to your décor.

In addition to our houseplants, we also offer a wide range of garden plants, garden furniture, barbecues, outdoor heating, and home decorations.

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We invite you to visit our garden centre in Wolverhampton to explore our extensive collection of houseplants and other products.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always available to provide expert advice and help you choose the perfect plants for your home. Check the map below for our location and opening hours. See you soon!

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